Strategy  |  Design  |  Implementation

Succeeding without a strategy is rare. Complex undertakings covering long periods require an overarching strategy to provide guidance for all the smaller, shorter term steps that represent improvement, in a measurable way, within the bounds of a defined strategy.

We have designed software that we believe will be a support to all strategic energy management plans. There is an essential core focused on financial & energy metrics data and transaction support. The architecture facilitates new feature sets through extension points. Thus, we support a vital business process (verifying and paying energy invoices), and acquire vital data in the act of doing so. Decision support comes from leveraging financial and metrics data acquired during processing.

Without effective implementation, there is nothing. What is the ideal model for implementation? Where software is concerned, we believe the case for Software as Services (SOS) is compelling, and we have adopted it as our delivery vehicle. Some of the stand-out benefits of SOS include:

  • No IT overhead
  • Fastest setup time
  • Highest availability and reliability
  • Most efficient maintenance and updates