The EIS Core

The EIS core is comprised of three functional areas:

Beyond this core feature set there are myriad possibilities for extending EIS with plug-in modules to meet different needs. Some of the additional features have already been realized and may be deployed with the core feature set from the outset. Others may be requested and implemented for individual clients.

Organizing – Facilities, accounts, EDC's, ESCO's, tariffs, supply rates, riders, market prices ... EIS organizes these fundamental building blocks, putting them to use and making them accessible and maintainable by the user.
Verifying – EIS uses account specification data and invoice metrics to perform independent calculations for every invoice, from simple general service accounts to highly complex invoices based on real-time energy prices and hedged supply contracts.
Analyzing – Energy reporting makes detailed cost analysis a matter of point and click with EIS. Start at the top and drill down to see how costs break down by service categories and metrics for anything from a single account to a user-defined aggregation of accounts and time-spans.