Enelytics Software

Enelytics provides web application services for energy invoice processing and energy information management. Energy prices have escalated so rapidly in recent years that it is becoming increasingly compelling to have a systematic way of assimilating energy information and using it to make cost effective decisions.

The Enelytics Information System (EIS) is formed around a core feature set focused on processing, verifying, and analyzing energy invoices. In that processing, valuable data is captured from every invoice processed, and categorized for energy information reporting.

The primary three-fold benefits of EIS are:

  • Administrative Overhead Reduction – Streamlined, automated invoice data processing, yet with detailed drill-down invoice inspection capability by dispersed authorized users with access to the web.
  • Precise Verification – Invoice errors are caught using precise verification according to current tariff schedules, supply rates, and any energy procurement contract mechanism, such as real-time pricing or contracted future block purchases.
  • Energy Information Capture – EIS captures and combines financial data and energy metrics to support proactive energy management programs. The foundation of proactive energy management programs is knowledge of the past and present. The very idea of improvement requires a baseline (history) to improve from. Effective performance contracts entail measurement and verification (ongoing capture).